Navy Week: Fargo Native Americans Welcome U.S. Navy

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As Navy Week continues in Fargo, officials and sailors meet with the Native American community.
They shared some of their cultural traditions with the sailors.

KVRR Brittany Ford has the story.
The Fargo Native American community welcomed the Navy with open arms.

As a way to honor their guests and Admiral Stuart Munsch, who is an Oakes, North Dakota native, a traditional veteran song was played by legendary native drum group The Buffalo River Singers.
“It means a lot because someone of the Warrior status of an Admiral to come to the state, and be concerned about Native Americans is phenomenal. It’s a good thing,” said Sharon White Bear, member of the Fargo Native American Commission.
Pillars from throughout the Fargo Native American community shared the many positive programs that are helping Natives thrive.

All while demonstrating Native American Culture traditions.

One of those being the presentation of a gift to the guest of honor.
“Heritage. The gift of that blanket was indicative of that. Native American art, but red, white and blue and an American flag. So again, showing that we work together quite well,” said U.S. Navy Admiral Stuart Munsch.
Representative of the Fargo Native American community say its important to shed light on the positive things that Natives do not just for Fargo, but for our nation.
“Native Americans get a negative feeling, because of how they are looked at say in the city. So this a positive light for that,” said Sharon White Bear.
Fargo is one of the only cities in the nation that has added a Native American Commission to its local government.

Brittany Ford KVRR News.
Statistics show that 25 percent of men in Native American heritage have served in the Armed Forces.