Cleaning Up In The Valley After Heavy Storm

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Communities in the valley are cleaning up after strong winds from a storm Thursday night.
Susan Johnson is working on her yard after the storm tore through Cummings, north of Hillsboro.
Some winds in the area were estimated at 80 miles per hour.

They managed to knock down trees, and even a grain bin.
“I’ve been here 20 years. I’ve never heard or seen wind like that,” said Johnson of Cummings.
She thought it was going to be another average storm.
“I went to bed 11 o’clock, 11:30. I’m reading a book, the fans on. Pretty soon this doesn’t sound right. I got up shut the fan off. It’s raining to beat the band,” said Johnson.
When she noticed how bad the weather was getting, she took cover.
“Grabbed the flashlight, thing of water, put some pants on. I’m going to the basement,” said Johnson.
And she isn’t the only one. A few streets away, Trish Mueller is also working on her yard.
A large branch broke onto her roof.
Mueller and her family also took cover in their basement.
“A lot of lightning, a lot of heat lightning. It kind of lit up the sky for a long time just lots of wind. Really strong wind,” said Mueller of Cummings.
Even though the bad weather is bad news for a lot of people in our area, some don’t mind the busy work.
Mueller’s dad is doing what he can to help around the house.
“He loves this, he was out with his four wheeler picking up branches and hauling them to the lot next door so we can burn them,” said Mueller.

The area in red is where the storm hit hardest.
People in Hillsboro say they managed to escape the damage their neighbors to the north are dealing with.
“It was quite windy, yes. I mean I expected more damage than what I seen this morning,” said Delilah Boschee of Hillsboro.
Unfortunately for Johnson she is left to pick up the many pieces left behind by the biggest storm she says she has ever seen in the city.