Oil Train Safety, 21st Street Underpass in Moorhead

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Leaders in the Moorhead community came together to stress the importance of oil train safety measures, and the need for more underpasses.
Mayor Del Rae Williams, Senator Kent Eken, and Senator Ben Lien all highlighted the need for the 21st Street underpass project to be funded.

The 34-million dollar project is still in need of additional funding.

City officials say besides the hazard of vehicle train accidents, and derailments.
Rail road delays also effect emergency response times.

“five to eight is unacceptable if it’s a fire a fire doubles every minute in size. So it can be the difference between a room on fire or the total loss of a house. So it’s a big deal for us in response mode as well,” said Moorhead Fire Chief Rich Duysen.

The city is hoping that a comprehensive transportation plan and funding for the underpass project will be completed by next year.