Get the Spray! Skeeters Likely to Stick Around

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Summer may be coming to end, but you shouldn’t put your bug spray away just yet.
The recent rainfall and warmer temperatures have attracted more mosquitoes to the area.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford joins us live with more.


Alison and TJ the metro can except to see mosquitoes well pass the summer this year, and not just any type of mosquitoes.
Statistics show that the FM area is staying warmer and wet longer, which has contributed to an extended mosquito season.

Vector Control says that the mosquitoes that are sticking around longer are usually the ones carrying a disease.
“Conditions that we are having right now are ideal for west Nile virus. We have the intersection of pretty warm temperatures here in the northern plains; we’ve had consistent modern rainfall,” said Ben Prather of Cass County Vector Control.
A pool of mosquitoes in North Fargo tested positive for West Nile just two weeks ago.

Climate experts say that the recent number of scattered thunderstorms has made certain areas more prone for mosquitoes.
“You’ll see bulls-eyes of heavy perception in area that is above normal and everything else all around especially to the south is below normal. So if you’re looking at mosquito’s population you’ll be looking at those bulls- eyes.” NDSU Climatologist Adon Akyuz.
Those bulls-eyes of points in metro have been located anywhere north of Interstate 94.

Kally Kvidere works at the Osgood golf course. She says mosquitoes haven’t been an issue until recently.
“When I think about it last week I’ve definitely gotten some mosquitoes bites and stuff compared to the rest of the summer I’d say probably noticed more,” said Kally Kvidere of Fargo.

Cass County Vector Control plans on adding additional mosquito spraying to reduce the number of ones carrying a disease.