Hometown Favorite: Taco Shop Has Become a Community Staple

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If you’re a fan of tacos, then this week’s Hometown Favorites story is just for you.

Last week we asked you where your favorite place is to get a taco and you picked a place with some history here in Fargo.

Here’s KVRR’s Aries Serrano with more.
We’re here at Taco Shop for this week’s Hometown Favorites.

It’s a locally owned restaurant and they’ve been serving up tacos in Fargo since 1961.

They’ve won numerous awards and there’s a few reasons why.

Let’s go check it out.
If you’re looking for a Mexican getaway right here in Fargo, Taco Shop may be the place you want to go.

Many already have their favorites when they stop by.
“I actually love the chicken tacos and the nachos.”
“I can’t find the deluxe nacho anywhere, their Grinders are awesome. Their food just tastes different and it’s awesome,” says Hailey Nowak, Taco Shop customer.
Taco Shop owner Paul Johnson says many people like that the store is not one of the large national chains.
“Homemade, homemade and local. A lot of people like that,” says Johnson.
And he’s not wrong.
“I like local, I think that’s great, better than food chains. yeah.
Is it surprising that you think they won the poll online?
A little bit but they’re so good that it’s not really a shocker,” says Shari Halland of West Fargo.
“It’s a big factor; I like that, I’ve been coming here for 20 years so it’s good.”
Taco Shop is a staple in the community, they have a shop set up at the local Redhawks Baseball games and they’ve won numerous awards.
“Just from being around for 55 years. I’ve got families that have four generations coming here now.”
He also says everything is made daily from scratch.
“If I’m on this side of town, here’s where I’m coming for lunch.”
And that’s how the taco crunches.

Reporting in Fargo, Aries Serrano, KVRR News.