Fargo City Commissioner Pushes For Property Tax Cut

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Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig is proposing a 10 percent property tax break for the new 2016 budget.

Gehrig previously tried to get the commission to support his plan to cut property taxes by 20 percent, but he was unsuccessful.

Gehrig is stressing to the city commission the importance of adjusting property taxes as the housing market grows.

He’s asking for a $1.5 million decrease out of the $94.5 million proposed 2016 budget

“We need to go into the budget, and see how much we need to take in property taxes not just accept that it’s going to go up by 12 percent each year. I don’t think it’s sustainable I think it hurts people in lower income brackets. It hurts young people who are trying to get into a home,” said Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig
The city commission got its first chance to talk about the proposed budget at tonight’s city commission meeting.