Fargo Dominates in North Dakota’s Most Popular Restaurants

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It’s lunch time in downtown Fargo… and the restaurants are buzzing.

It’s no wonder.

Culture Trip, a website devoted to food and travel, lists the top 10 restaurants in North Dakota and 6 of them are right here in Fargo.

All with their special something …

“Poppy seed cookies that’s probably what we spend most of our money on. I’m here today to get some actually, the lemon poppy seed cookies,” says customer Meghan Duda.

Nichole’s Fine Pastry Shop opened back in 2003, around the same time the HoDo opened its doors…another on the list.

“Right now everything we get is local and we make everything right here. All the breads, all the desserts are made just right here in house,” says Director of Mixology Jason Laub. 

More recent restaurants on the list include Vinyl Taco and right down the block…Wurst Bier Hall.

“Our Jaeger Schnitzel and our Curry Wurst, definitely the most popular for our customers,” says General Manager Whitney Myhra. 

Good food, good beer and a good atmosphere.

“The long communal tables at Wurst Bier Hall allow people to not only enjoy the food but the company as well.”

For a little more fine dining, head on over to Mezzaluna.

Or if you’re done with the downtown scene, Passage to India also claimed a spot.

So whatever you’re in the mood for… Fargo has its options.

“I think every time I come in I know somebody who is in here,” says Duda.

And you might just make some friends along the way.

Sarah Brechbill, KVRR News.