Fargo Takes Steps to Demolish “Dangerous” Home

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Fargo City Commission is taking action to have a home demolished after it has been deemed dangerous.

The owner of the home has refused to respond to city notices to up keep the property.

KVRR’s Brittany Ford joins us LIVE with more.


Alison and TJ, the house at 1411 1st Avenue North in Fargo has seen its fair share of issues.

Neighbors in the area are saying that removing the house is a step in the right direction.

The building was damaged in a fire earlier this year, and has had back to back problems with vandalism.

An inspection of the house was done by the city in late June.

“If the building damage is 50 percent beyond the value then it is deemed… that’s the criteria we use for a dangerous building,” says City Inspector John Mrozla.

The home failed to meet that criteria, and the City Commission is taking necessary steps to have the home demolished.

Inspectors say that the fire is a large reason why the home cannot be salvaged.

“The fire…the house was heavily damaged by the fire and had other exterior damage,” said City Inspector John Mrozla.

Neighbors in the area say its removal will help the community.

“I feel like this neighborhood…each year is getting better and better and with improvements like this type of property being removed. It will be great this is a very busy road so it would be nice if it looked a little nicer,” said Casey Steel Nearby Business Owner.

“I am pleased to hear that, that house has caused some trouble in the neighborhood, and I’m hopeful to see this neighborhood get better,” said Neighbor Glenn Miller.

The owner of the property will have a chance to discuss the city’s decision before a vote is made.

A public hearing is set for August 31st.

Reporting live Brittany Ford KVRR News.