Jamestown Police Sex Offender Warning

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 The Jamestown Police Department wants to warn people of a convicted high risk sex offender moving into town.
29–year–old Justin McGregor is now living in the Starlite Motel in Jamestown.

He was convicted of corrupting and soliciting a 16–year–old girl in 2010.

Jamestown police say they now have 69 sex offenders living in the city.
26 of those are high risk.
“I think in cases where we have high risk sex offenders, particularly with children, we want to make sure that parents alert their children to this person. Show them their picture. Tell them that they are a sex offender,” said Jamestown Police Department Lt. John Gletne.
“I don’t like him so close. I don’t like any of them that close. Number one, we’re right by a busy interstate. We have a restaurant here, there’s kids coming and going,” said Mary Albright of Jamestown.
Police say they do monthly checks with sex offenders to keep tabs on them.