North Dakota Law Says Law Enforcement Can Weaponize Drones

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North Dakota police agencies can now take to the skies, legally as of August 1st.

North Dakota is the first state to allow drones armed with tasers, tear gas and other non-lethal weapons to assist with enforcement.
KVRR’s Bianca Buono says many people are concerned about the new law including Fargo Police.


Alison and TJ, these drones can be armed with what are considered less-lethal weapons.

That includes tasers, tear gas and bean-bag cannons.

But just because this is allowed doesn’t mean Fargo Police are going to utilize it.

In fact, although this bill just passed during the last legislative session and Governor Dalrymple signed it into law in April, Fargo Police can’t think of any situation where using armed drones would be necessary.

They can, however, see how drones could be helpful under specific circumstances.

The bill’s initial purpose was to allow police to obtain a search warrant from a judge to use a drone to search for criminal evidence.

No weapons were involved at all.
On KVRR news at 9, hear from the bill’s Republican sponsor.

Reporting live from RC Hobby, Bianca Buono, KVRR news.