Hometown Favorites: Lindenwood Campground

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 Many campers here in the valley are taking advantage of the last few weeks of summer, but there’s one campground that many of those campers prefer.
The Lindenwood Campground here in Fargo won our latest Hometown Favorites poll for favorite place to go camping.
Erna Wiebe and her husband Ross traveled from Winnipeg, Canada and are on their annual camping vacation.

More often than not, they make their way to the Lindenwood Campground in Fargo.
“It’s people friendly and the facilities are good, and yeah we just like being here,” said Wiebe.
They love to go out for bike rides and the trails in Lindenwood are some of their favorites.

Dan Basko traveled from Texas to visit family in the area.
He says this isn’t his first time at Lindenwood and it certainly won’t be his last.
“The natural beauty that they have. The trees, the trails, the flowers, I mean it’s just beautiful,” said Basko of Conroe, Texas.
“Lindenwood leaders say it’s not just the campgrounds that people love, it’s also all of the amenities that the park has to offer.”
“Softball teams, baseball teams, different people that are down here. It’s a well utilized park. We have bike rentals available in this park,” said Sam Larson-Frobig with the Fargo Park District.
“Are you surprised that they won our hometown favorite poll?” asked the reporter.
“I’m not surprised they won, but I’m happy that I’m staying in a winning campground,” said Basko.
“Quiet, peaceful and just a good place to spend your vacation,” said Wiebe.
It’s a Hometown Favorite place to go camping that leaders say is clean, friendly and fun.
The Lindenwood Campground will be open through October 15th, weather permitting.