“Please Don’t Kill Me”: Victim in Perham Shooting Says He Begged for His Life

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The delivery of an eviction notice nearly turns deadly near Perham.

The victim talks to KVRR news exclusively.

First the details:

Authorities say this man, 63-year-old Gerald Skolte, is behind bars and could face attempted murder charges.

The alleged victim, 39 year old Michael Marcell, Jr. told me Skolte owns the land his trailer sits on.

He says Skolte showed up this morning and gave him an eviction notice.

He told Skolte he would wait for the Sheriff to arrive.

That’s when Skolte pulled out a gun and shot him in the back, and Marcell ran for his life.

“When I got up to the gravel road I was winded, I got blood spurting all over I put my hands over my face and begged him not to shoot me again.  And when I told him I said I got two kids, one been missing for two months and I’m still looking for him, please don’t kill me,” says Marcell.
Marcell tells me Skolte then ordered him to get him $15,000 and not tell anyone he shot him.

“He said if you tell anybody I shot you and I go to prison I will hire a hitman to kill you. “
Marcell says he was up and walking already this afternoon in the hospital in Perham.

He says his family needs financial help and hopes a fund will be started.

Skolte is expected in court next week.