Hometown Favorites: Family Fun At Thunder Road

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 There are many places in the valley where the whole family can go for fun.
But there’s one place in Fargo many of our viewers prefer to go.
Whether you’re into go–carts, mini golf, batting cages, or playing arcade games, it’s a park for the whole family.
“We’ve been here a few times and I’m just really impressed by all the extravagant courses and it’s cool. It’s a fun place to come,” said Valerie Fechner of Fargo.
Aurora Fevig is at Thunder Road with some family friends.
“What do you like most about Thunder Road?”
“Probably the golf, the bumper cars,” said  Fevig of Dilworth.
She’s been to the park several times and it’s not too hard to see why.
“What makes you keep coming back?”
“Because it’s spending time with your family and friends,” said Fevig.
“While this is a park for family fun people of all ages can check it out.”
“We get a lot of grownups out here; we added the laser tag arena three years ago. It’s very entertaining in there,” said General Manager Kevin Schuldheisz.
Zac Vye is with his work group at the park.
“It’s a great place. It’s the kind of place you see in movies. I’ve been to some other mini golf’s and it’s just flat land it’s not as fun,” said Vye.
The batting cages were feeling a little lonely when we visited so I had to check them out myself, and then Photographer John Hanson tried them out and got a couple more shots than me.

So if you’re looking for a good time, there’s no question about where you can find it.
Thunder Road will be replacing their laser arena next month with a haunted house.