MSUM Dragons Making History by Ending 28 Year Drought

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The Dragon Football Team is 3 and 0…and the MSUM campus hasn’t been more excited…since the 80s.

KVRR’s Sarah Brechbill talked to students on campus, finding out the Bison fans aren’t the only ones celebrating.

The Bison are used to celebrating.

The Dragons, not so much.

“People are kind of excited, but they’re more shocked than excited about it. It was more like what oh my gosh is that really true?” says MSUM Freshman, Emily Peters.

But it didn’t take long for MSUM students to catch the Dragon pride.

“It was packed, like packed. Everybody was there, so…yeah it was amazing, we were cheering, and we were dancing, we had lots of dragon pride,” says an MSUM Sophomore. 

By a single point, the Dragons held off Augustana in yesterday’s game, a feat that hasn’t been accomplished in almost five years.

“It’s been awhile since we’ve been winning like this. It’s a good thing that it’s happening and everybody is really excited about it,” says MSUM Junior, Aye Babaraghoemi.

“The stadium here yesterday was packed and that’s something students say they’re not always used to seeing.”

But the team isn’t getting ahead of themselves.

“That’s what our coach said if you’re on a high and not handling business very well you can fall down really quick so we’re trying to go from game to game, have our head focused,” says Freshman Redshirt, Tobias Boegel.

A focus the Dragons don’t want to lose, to keep that winning streak alive.

The Dragons will play Southwest Minnesota State this Saturday.

The game is away.

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