Fargo Record Fair Receives Overwhelming RVSP Numbers

If you thought that records were a thing of the past, The Fargo Record Fair is showing that people still appreciate vinyl.

Organizers were forced move locations for the event after receiving an overwhelming number RSVP’s on Facebook.

The fair, usually held at the Fargo Brewing Company, was moved to the Fargo Air Museum, which allowed for more space.

This year’s fair featured over 40 tables of classic records, tapes, and CD’s.

But organizers say the event is about more than just the records.

“It’s just about getting the music people in town together. It’s not just about the records its about being able to talk to the music people in t own we hear a lot about sports and other things hunting and outdoors. So it’s fun to get the music people together,” said Dean Sime, Fargo Record Fair Organizer.
The fair, now in its sixth year, is estimated to have over 40,000 different records for music lovers to choose from.