Games on the Plains Brings Gamers Together

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With online gaming so many people have forgotten about the human interaction that comes to playing with someone else in the room.

A Fargo–based LAN party is getting word out and gathering to get gamers socializing.

Games on the Plains is the brainchild from founders Jake Kohl and Evan Balko.

The idea spawned from wanting to get together and play games with friends like the old days.

“Originally it was just going to be us renting out the space.We invite friends to play games,” says co-Founder Jake Kohl.

The rented space was at Prairie Den on Broadway.

LAN stands for local area network in which gamers gather to play in extended game sessions.

This LAN party caught the attention of 702 Communications and Botlink, who helped sponsored the event.

But how is this event different from other game meet ups?

“There really wasn’t like a group or event that gets together just to play games,” says Kohl.

You could bring your console and controllers with whatever games you wanted to play.

Doors opened at 10am until 10 pm, with a Super Smash Brothers tournament at 1 pm.

“I think it’s pretty cool. I think it’s a fun time. It’s definitely neat to get out and play with other people that are into the same kind of stuff that you,” says gamer Brian Jackson.

Meet-ups are great for video gamers who want to socialize.

Instead of playing solo you can join a temporary rock band for the day.

The goal here is to have fun.

“It’s much needed in the Fargo area. It’s hard to find things to do on the weekend,” says gamer Alex Buchholz.

A few people left their house to come here for a Saturday.

“Sometimes you just want to sit next to people and play. You want to be able to talk to them directly; you want to be able to insult them directly,” says co-founder Evan Balko.

Snacks and pop was available throughout the day.

Pizza for dinner was on the house.

And yes, the event was free with no waivers to be signed.

Games on the Plains plans on having more meet ups.

You can find more information on future meet ups on the Games on the Plains Facebook page here.

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