Stay Protected from “Porch Pirates” this Holiday Season

While it’s the time of year most people think about giving, it’s also when some start stealing.

Postal Service employees tell us how people can prevent “porch pirates” from taking their holiday packages.

More and more packages will start showing up on door steps as holiday shopping begins.

With online sales predicted to hit a record high this year, there are more packages and opportunities for items to get stolen.

The online site and commerce source, Amazon Prime, has a policy that delivery is required even when no one is home.

Postal Service employees say tracking is the easiest way to stay up to speed on your delivery.

“Our packages all have tracking and everybody is so you know technologically savvy these days that use your smart phone or your computer and track it,” said Moorhead Postmaster Renae Ingersoll. 

You are encouraged to get your packages delivered at work or arrange for a relative or neighbor to pick them up if you aren’t going to be home.

The Postal Service in Fargo delivers between 5,000 and 7,000 packages each day and they expect that number to drastically jump in the next couple of weeks.

If you’re looking for other ways to track your package and prevent theft, the postal service offers a text or email alert system giving you the delivery time.

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