The Little Free Mitten Tree that Keeps on Giving

Cold weather is coming soon and the Moorhead Public library is finding a way to keep people warm.

One group is helping to knit the community together, one hat at a time.

Kids enjoy playing, smiling, and learning in a place that proves libraries aren’t only for studying or reading.

But behind the play area and novels there is one designated corner to a tree.

A tree that just keeps on giving.

“It’s sort of like a little free library but for winter gear,” said Moorhead Public Library Director Megan Krueger.

The library is hosting a campaign called WARMY, the wise and resourceful mavens of yarn.

People are knitting and crocheting hats, scarves, and mittens to help those who need them stay warm this winter.

“The way they explain it is they can not stop knitting. And there friends and family are sick of receiving gifts so they need and outlet and this is their outlet where they can keep knitting,” Krueger said.

While the clothing items, may not be for everyone….”Pink really isn’t my color and they kind of look smaller children type size so I think I’m going to stick with mine for now,” said Steve Lamke, a library visitor.

They still get people like Steve to say they will donate the next time they come in.

People say not only is it a nice opportunity to leave your mittens and hat on the tree, but hopefully to leave somebody else with a smile.

“You know there are things like these in the community where we show our charitable spirit our generosity and our concern for one another, and we all know we’re going to be cold for the next 6 or 7 months. So let’s help each other out,” said Terry Hoggarth, a library visitor.

A small tree that people are hoping makes a big impact on keeping community members warm and safe when the chill of winter hits.

The library is still looking for more donations.

Just drop your items off at the library in downtown Moorhead.

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