Valley City Man Petitions to Disband Police Department

 A man in Valley City is petitioning to disband the police department.

Valley City has had some controversy with their local Police Department in the past.

Bob Drake, of Valley City is fed up with the lack of leadership and wants a change.

He understands that some may disagree but he wants to make it clear that he isn’t trying to ban law enforcement.

Last month Police Chief Fred Thompson drew a gun on a resident.

The man was playing with air soft guns with his kids.

Since then, locals became questionable of the department.

“I’m worried and I’m concerned about the leadership and what kind of training they’re getting under a man who pulls a gun on an innocent citizen. What kind of training are we getting there?” says Bob Drake.

Thompson said he will resign in January but not due to the recent event.

He says he wants to spend more time with family.

“I don’t think we should replace Police Department and contract with the Sheriff’s department to cover law enforcement services for the city,” says Valley City local, Brett Lloyd.

Some residents think getting rid of the police department will do no good.

Bob Drake thinks otherwise.

He believes that the Sheriff Office will be enough for Valley City.

“I think the Sheriff’s Department is way more qualified than what we have now. But that’s not saying anything bad about the officers,” says Drake.

Drake plans to turn the petition in tomorrow to the city.

If approved he will have to collect 300 signatures.

In a town of almost 7,000 people, he thinks this is a good change.

“It’ll save them money. We’ll have the same police protection. And I think it’ll be good for the whole community,” says Drake.

Police Chief Fred Thompson did not want to go on camera but in the past has stated his opinion on this matter.

Stating “that citizens of Valley City would be under served.”

Mayor Bob Werkhoven proposes the idea of putting the police department under the administration of the sheriff’s office.

An idea that Bob Drake isn’t opposed to.

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