Moorhead Public School District Seeks Better Demographic Data

Passage of the bond referendum in Moorhead will help with overcrowding issues.
But the district is also looking ahead to prevent future overcrowding,

The Moorhead School District is having trouble with predicting future enrollment numbers.

They are now trying to find ways to attain more accurate data.

When the Moorhead Public School district compared current numbers to past projections, they found they have more students than expected.

An example of that being the 70 additional kindergarten students the district welcomed this fall.
“We had a demographer last spring and the Kindergarten were under estimated so were really trying to take some time to find out our actual numbers,” says Lynne Kovash, Moorhead Superintendent. 
The data is used by the district to see how many students they can expect into 2021.
The Moorhead Public School District says moving forward it be exploring other options so that enrollment data is as accurate as possible.
“It looks like we’ll be okay for the next 5, 6, hopefully 10 years was what we figured out, but it’s our growth accelerating more than we thought that’s where we really need some professional expertise on,” says Kovash.
Bruce Johnson has a son who is in the Moorhead school system.

He also works for Remax, a Moorhead Public School supporter.

He says growth is unpredictable, but at the end of the day it’s a good thing.
“There’s never any guarantee’s I would anticipate this coming up again in the future, but that’s all positive its good growth for the town of Moorhead, the city of Moorhead, and growth is good,” says Johnson.
Enrollment numbers as of November 2nd show the district has around 100 more students than projected.

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