eFargo on Pace to Win National Energy Prize

The Fargo city and NDSU are asking for your help to make Fargo one of the top energy efficient places to live.

eFargo an energy saving initiative, is one of 50 semi-finalists up against other small to medium size cities for the Georgetown University Energy Prize.

The competition is aimed to see which city can meet and maintain their goal of cutting energy bills, and citywide energy use.

eFargo has been able to maintaining its five percent reduction goal, and stay in the race, but they still need your help.

“The more every person does the better position we are to win this thing, and then in December we’re releasing an eFargo game which every community member can play. This game reduces energy, saves money, and helps us win,” says Malini Srivastava, Professor at NDSU.
Duluth is one of the closest competitors that is also in the race for the Energy Prize.

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