Woman Nabs Dangerous Dinner Guest

A Pennsylvania family got much more than they bargained for in their bag of Welch’s Organic Grapes.

Amy Reed says her family had just bought the bag of grapes at a local grocery store when they opened it up to find a black widow spider inside.

Female black widow bites can be dangerous due to a high concentration of venom, but they are rarely deadly, unless you don’t seek medical help or are allergic.

Reed quickly tried to capture the spider to stop it from escaping into the family’s house.

“I just grabbed it with a pair of pliers, one of its legs, and I missed it the first time. It fell onto its back and that’s when you could see the little red hourglass. I was like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me,” says Reed.

The distributor of the Welch’s Organic Grapes says it’s possible to have even deadly insects invade their fruits because they don’t use pesticides on their products.

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