Straus Clothing Closing After 136 Years

 The oldest family–owned retail business in the upper Midwest is closing after 136 years.

Straus Clothing in Fargo was founded in 1879. Owners Rick and John Stern say they’re retiring. Straus will be closed ahead of a liquidation sale that starts Thursday.

The Sterns say brothers and sisters from the Twin Cities and California will return to help with the sale. They all worked in the store when they were younger. But times aren’t what they use to be.

“We’re too old to change. We don’t see that we could be successful with who we are with a non–service kind of model,” says John Stern.

The owners decided three years ago that they would not renew their lease. Their lease ends this year.

On Black Friday, Straus plans to offer competitive prices against big box stores.

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