Fargo Parking Enforcement Changes

Fargo City leaders approve on–street parking enforcement changes.

This idea comes from the Parking Commission to revamp the downtown area from a “punitive” to a more “friendly” approach.

In this new parking enforcement plan, there’s a few key components to this change.

Parking fines will increase.

The first ticket will be a warning citation.

The second violation will result in a $20.

After the fourth ticket, violators will have to pay $30.

“I think overall it’s a good thing. It needs to be managed somehow, weather with our personnel or with contracting with a private entity. So the city’s decided that this is probably the best way for them to go,” says Fargo Chief David Todd.

“We’re backing away a little bit from enforcement. But we’re going to see that number drop. That’s okay I don’t think that the city is worry about revenue collection on parking tickets. What we’re really worry about from the Parking Commission stand point is that we want to make downtown core as friendly and inviting as possible,” says Department of Planning & Development Planner, Joe Nigg.

The company Interstate Parking would take over parking enforcement in the downtown area.

This will give Fargo Police Department CSO’s more flexibility to focus on other duties in the community.

The changes should take effect in January.

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