West Fargo’s Legacy Elementary Takes Cue from Starbucks

Flexible seating is being introduced to more West Fargo classrooms.

Imagine laying, bouncing and lounging to your comfort in class.

This second grade class at Legacy Elementary is starting a new learning trend.
“The classrooms were looking the same from 1893 when our education system was founded til today. It doesn’t make sense because the world changing. Jobs are changing. Technology is changing…and yet inside the classrooms was looking the same,” says second grade teacher, Kayla Delzer.
Ms. Delzer was inspired by her favorite coffee shop Starbucks.

She decided to incorporate something new. Something innovative. Flexible seating.
“Socially, it makes so much more sense to have classrooms set up like this.
If we’re really trying to create learners that are able to communicate with each other.  We need to put them in environments that really provides for that exact type of communication that they need to have,” says Delzer.
What may seem unusual is actually working.

Students in Ms. Delzers’ class say flexible seating like this stability ball makes them more eager to learn.
“We can get higher test scores now and we get good grades and we can like focus longer,” says student Audrina Ehlert.
The freedom involved in flexible seating Delzer says creates respect for one another.

Some may believe it’s the reason why students aren’t getting into trouble.
“Ms. Delzer says that there was a bunch of kids last year who spent most of their time not in the classroom but in the principals. And this year it doesn’t happen because we get to choose where we want to sit,” says student Kenton Jundt.

It’s been only four months into the new seating arrangements and the school has received a grant from Dakota Medical Foundation to implement more flexible seating.

Classrooms will be ready to start being more flexible at Legacy Elementary after Christmas break.

Ms. Delzer’s new style of learning has caught the eye of Starbucks officials online and they plan to visit the classroom in January.

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