Politically Motivated? Fargo Approves MLK Day as City Worker Holiday

Fargo City Commissioners approve making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a holiday for city workers.

The reconsideration of the vote came with a little bit of drama and accusations of it being politically motivated.

“I’m not running for anything, I’m termed out. I’m doing this cause I think it’s the right thing to do and that’s what we do on every vote so lets stay cordial, lets stay respectful and lets vote,” said Commissioner Mike Williams.
Gehrig:  “We were dared to vote against Martin Luther King Jr. Day so when you wrap up Black Lives Matter with MLK with we don’t pay our employees enough what are you talking about, that is political.  And to wrap us all together and dare a commissioner to vote against MLK, that’s not right,” said Commissioner Tony Gehrig.

The vote was brought back by Melissa Sobolik, who missed the meeting when the holiday vote ended in a tie.

Gehrig tried to add an amendment making the city use its flex day on MLK day.

He later voted with the entire panel to kill his amendment before voting with commissioner Piepkorn against the proposal.

It passed three to two.

The commission also sent Marcus Theater’s request to allow liquor in the theater back to the liquor board so it can work on an agreement.

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