Minnesota State Patrol Releases New Information on Fatal I-94 Crash

Authorities have released pictures of a semi they think is involved in the fatal crash that killed two young metro teens this past summer.
A case with so many questions and a family wanting answers.
“Until this was that we at least thought the only pictures we had were of the weigh station and that was kind of a stretch because the weigh station to where the crash site was 68 miles,” says father of Zach and Connor, Ray Kvalvog.
The brothers were on their way to a basketball camp. When attempting to pass a semi the car flew off the road, and the semi kept going. Whether the driver knew what had happened is a question Ray plays over and over.
“First weeks, months maybe this individual had no idea because we’ve all driven the interstate many times and it’s easy to be in the blind spot. But now it’s been six months and there’s been so much publicity if you live at all around this area now I have to believe you know where you were at 9:08 on June 23rd,”says Kvalvog.
And that’s why State Patrol is once again enlisting the public’s help.
“Maybe they know of something or they’ve come across of something and they can get us this information to help us,” says Sgt. Jesse Grabow of Minnesota State Patrol.
“The old cliche a picture’s worth a thousand words maybe there’s somebody that will be able to look at this picture and say hey I know who this person is or I know which company has those kind of trucks,” says Kvalvog.
The picture of the truck was taken from a patrol officer’s dash cam footage. The only numbers officers can make out on the license plate is 024 or 025. That’s why investigators need the public more than ever.
“We need to have answers and we need to identify them and to ask more questions is really where it starts with from there,” says Grabow.
“But I’ll never stop until I find the truth because I don’t have anything to lose everything I loved is gone I don’t have anything left, my boys were my future and they’re gone,”says Kvalvog.

Kvalvog is still offering a $50,000 reward for anyone with information about the semi and driver.

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