Fargo’s Gem: Friendship, Business…SUCCESS!

It’s a story of friendship, business, and success.
Vintage Point, a gift and antique shop, is expanding, more than doubling its size to more than 4,300 feet.

Nancy Frid and Deb Wallis have been best friends for 35 years.

They opened the store together eleven years ago.

Business has been steadily increasing since then.

The owners credit a loyal customer base, and each other, for their success.

“You couldn’t ask for anything better,” says Nancy Frid. “We feed off of each other. We both have our strengths which feed right into the store, and in all of it, we always have fun together, whether it’s traveling or auctions or right here in the store. We’re always having a lot of fun and giggles. You can’t beat it when you hang out with your best friend all day.”
The two plan to move into the expanded space next week.

They’re planning a celebration on Feburary 20th.

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