Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes Into Moorhead Home

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A man crashes into a Moorhead home early Friday morning.

33–year–old Aaron Michael Johnson of Ransom, North Dakota now faces charges for drunk driving.

The report came right before one a-m when a woman called about a car driving into her bedroom.

The homeowner spoke about her traumatic experience with us.

The woman said she was asleep in her room when a truck smashed into her bedroom wall.

There was an explosion of lights.

Glass from her window went flying everywhere.

The wall caved in.

She did not want to go on camera, but said the driver kept revving as if he was trying to get out of the sticky situation.

Eventually the man got out of the vehicle and walked across the street.

The victim was not injured from the incident.

“I don’t know any specific event that happened that’s causing this. I think when a car leaves the roadway and strikes a house that’s more noteworthy than a vehicle leaving the roadway and striking a tree,” says Sgt. Toby Krone of Moorhead Police.

According to officials, Johnson’s blood-alcohol level was 0.18.

He is currently facing charges of 3rd Degree DWI.

As of now, it is uncertain of the total cost of damage.

But there is substantial damage done to the home but the vehicle did not break through the outer wall.

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