Sanford’s Cardiac Rehab Clinic Gets Competitive For A Good Cause

Folks at Sanford’s Cardiac Rehab clinic tied up their running shoes for the fourth annual Cardiac Rehab Challenge.

Staff and patients put their walking, and running skills to the test on specially decorated treadmills.

Competing with cardiac rehab programs across the state, each group logs how many miles they can get by the end of the day.

Staff says it’s a fun way to raise awareness about the importance of exercise and fighting heart disease.

 “I’m really excited. It’s a really a good way to bring the community together, and the Sanford community. We have employees coming in patients like to join, and its an awesome way to compete with each other and bring awareness to the event in general,” said Alexa Reynolds of Sanford’s Cardiac Rehab Group.
Sanford’s Fargo Clinic won last year challenge with a total of 75 miles.

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