“I Just Hate to See it Happen at Home”: Enderlin Shaken After Fatal Shooting

The suspect in a drive by shooting in a small town is in custody and charged.

Law enforcement says Paul Miller turned himself in to family first following the shooting early Sunday.

Many people in the town of Enderlin are in shock.

Many I spoke with say they are still trying to process the tragedy.

Paul Miller allegedly shot and killed Billy Holladay of Enderlin as Holladay was walking home from dropping off his nephew.

Fargo police who assisted in the arrest say Miller turned himself into family members following the shooting.

Miller’s relatives contacted an attorney and brought him to Fargo, where he was taken into custody.
“I think it’s too fresh yet that people are trying to comprehend everything,” said Cyndee Chelsey of Enderlin.
The tragedy has shaken up many people in town.
“For a community our size to have this happen. It’s a sad deal. There’s no other words to describe it. It has put everyone I think emotionally on high,” said Cyndee.

One local business owner I spoke to says the tragedy is a part of a bigger problem in the area.
“Here in Enderlin and the neighboring communities they know we got a drug problem. Here in the county, and neighboring counties etc. I feel that our law enforcement their tougher on the DUI driving than they are on the drug deal,” said Ron Ron Bartholomay of Enderlin.
Ron says at the end of the day it’s hard to see something like this happen in his hometown.
” I just hate to see it happen at home,” said Ron.
A You Caring account has been made for the Holladay family, as Billy leaves behind a wife and three kids.

The Ransom County Sheriff says he doesn’t believe the shooting was random, and a motive is still being determined.

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