Missing Norman County Woman Believed to be Found Dead on Spirit Lake Reservation

A tragic end to a missing persons search.

Authorities believe the body of 36-year-old Amanda Engst is found.

But questions remain, about a possible connection to multiple robberies.

A body was found Tuesday morning on the Spirit Lake Reservation, after an investigation that has stretched hundreds of miles.

The Norman County Sheriff’s Department was the first to look into the disappearance of Amanda Engst.
“A family member called out office to report her missing,” says Norman County Sheriff Jeremy Thornton.
Sheriff Thornton says that report came in January 11th.

It had been more than two months since her family heard from Engst.

Engst lived in Halstad, Minnesota for three months in 2015.

After that she moved to Fargo before she disappeared.

Fargo police say they performed a welfare check at her last known residence on January 11th.

They were told Engst had moved out months ago.

Norman County authorities continued to investigate.

Sheriff Thornton adds, “We got information that led us up to the Devils Lake area.”

Authorities in the Lake Region then got involved.

The body was found nearby, in Eddy County on the Spirit Lake Nation.

The North Dakota BCI and FBI are now involved.

But questions remain.

Two people, 36-year-olds Billy Joe Herman and Crystal Herman were arrested in a vehicle that belonged to Engst after a string of robberies in Perley, Minnesota, and Buxton and Grandin, North Dakota.

Authorities aren’t saying if the two were involved in Engst’s disappearance and death.
“That is still under investigation and I can’t comment on investigations,” said Sheriff Thornton.
Sheriff Thornton says even though many questions remains unanswered, finding Engst brings a sense of closure.
“It was a bad situation in the end,” he adds, “but at least we know where she’s at now.”

The body was taken to UND for an autopsy.

Family members have not responded to a request for comment.

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