Grand Forks Residents React To Standoff

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A standoff in Grand Forks Friday night came to a peaceful end before 8 p.m.

Police identify the suspect as 28–year–old Zachery Crandall.

This comes just two days after the fatal standoff that shook Fargo.

Some locals in Grand Forks were unaware this happened in backyard.

“No, I didn’t know about anything,” says Ed Peete of Grand Forks.

That was the common answer when checking in with neighbors.

Peete lives around the block and had no idea that a standoff was happening in his neighborhood last night.

He says that he didn’t receive any alerts.

Little did he know around the corner on 5th Avenue North, police responded to a call of a suicidal male.

Officers arrived on the scene for a welfare check.

The situation escalated when the subject, Zachery Crandall, didn’t comply with the police.

“The subject came outside where they can see him. He had a handgun in his hand and refused to set it down or corporate with the officers,” says Sergeant Kevin Kallinen with the Grand Forks Police Department.

Crandall retreated back inside.

After a few hours, he finally came out of the home peacefully, and unarmed.

He was taken to a hospital then later into custody.

As of now, Crandall is facing charges of terrorizing.

Police say he made threats against himself and family members but did not want to release who he made threats to.

Kallinen says, “Yes we do but we’re not releasing all that information at this time.”

Grand Forks Police are still investigating the standoff.

But some neighbors say they aren’t too concerned about this and will continue going about their day.

Peete says, “Yeah, I’m fine. I live here by myself. I’m a bachelor. No I don’t feel threatened. Things happen like that all over.”

Sergeant Kallinen with Grand Forks Police says they have not received any calls from the neighbors feeling apprehensive after the standoff.

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