Fargo’s Chief Todd Asking Community to Support Schumacher Family

Fargo Police Chief Todd is asking the community to help the family of the man who took Officer Moszer’s life.

A Facebook group called “A Family in Need” has been set up so the community can show support for Marcus Schumacher’s wife, Michelle, and family.

The group will meet tomorrow to set up a benefit fund for the family.

Chief Todd says “Mrs. Schumacher and her son were the victims we were initially responding to – in order to protect them from a dangerous armed person.”

He says helping the family is part of the police force’s mission to protect and service.

He says his faith and the mission he’s sworn to uphold – tells him it’s the right thing to do.

To join in support of the group, click here.  You must log into your Facebook page and request to join.

If you are not on Facebook, stay with KVRR News.  We’ll update you on other ways you can help.