Making A Difference In The World One Meal At A Time

Thousands in Fargo help to end world hunger.

Locals are working for the non–profit organization, Feed My Starving Children, to do just that, provide food for kids in need around the globe.

Soy, vegetables, vitamins and rice are being packed in a bag and served as a meal, known as MannaPack.

This food blend is designed to save the lives of severely malnourished and starving kids around the world.

“According to UNIFEC there’s over 6,000 children who die every day from hunger or a hunger disease. This is extremely important to get into people’s hands and have them eating it,” says Russ Richards of Feed My Starving Children.

Feed My Starving Children’s goal is to package over 400,000 meals within this two day event.

Organizers say the food will be sent to orphanages, hospitals and feeding programs in third world countries.

Students, along with adults, are hoping they can help break the cycle of hunger.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for our students to see the need in the world,” says Park Christian School Principal Chris Nellermoe.

MannaPack meals are going to those in need in 70 countries.

It’s a good feeling, that’s why volunteers keep coming back.

“The energy is so much fun in here. You get to know that you’re helping a lot people. And at the end, you get all the tallies and totals done. You see how many people you help; it’s so great to see what difference you’re making,” says PArk Christian Junio Grant Invie.

Invie has been volunteering for this event for four years.

To him it’s much more than just packing a meal together.

It’s the lives that he’s changing.

Invie adds, “Once you get out there and you’re volunteering, you realize how much fun it can be and the people you meet and the people you get to help too.”

It’s a small act that makes a big difference in someone’s world, on the other side of the globe.

If you would like to help Feed My Starving Children, the organization accepts monetary donation.

Funds will go to buy more meals and materials.

For more information, visit Feed My Starving Children.

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