End of Watch: Officer Jason Moszer

It’s a day that will live in Fargo’s history forever as thousands honor the life of Officer Jason Moszer.
Officer Jason Moszer was more than just a hero.

He was a devoted father, a loving husband, a brother, a son and a fellow officer.

Thousands of officers flocked from near and far.

Many didn’t even know Moszer.

But from the stories shared, it was easy to realize he was a special man.
“You may be family, you may not even know Jason. But today there is in the pit of your stomach this ache it just hurts,” says former Fargo PD Chaplain, Rev. Kevin Kloster.
An ache that will never go away.
“He loved his fellow officers, he loved being a cop,” says Fargo Chief Dave Todd.
And a legacy that will stay alive forever.
“Perhaps we can all honor Jason’s memory by carrying on that love for our families, for our fellow officers,” says Chief Todd.
And amidst the tears.
“The only thing that comes easy today are tears,” says Rev. Kloster.
Is a sea of blue and brown.

A sea of fellow brothers and sisters, coming from near and far.
“If Jason could say it he’d say thanks for the back up,” says Chief Todd.
“There were so many things that Jason had a passion for. His family, his friends, coworkers, motorcycles, bicycles, the ten of them that he still has in his garage that he’s restoring,” says childhood friend, Drew Schwan.
He carried that passion into everything he did.

Exactly why Fargo PD felt lucky to call him a brother.

And while Edward 143 was called for the very last time.
Edward 143 will never be forgotten.
Nearly 4,000 people filled the arena to honor Officer Moszer.

Watching the community stand behind their fallen brother is something not many of us will soon forget.

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