North Fargo Says Neighborhood Integrity is Compromised with New Housing Project

North Fargo neighbors say the integrity of their neighborhood could be destroyed.

North Fargo residents aren’t happy.
Roers Development wants a zoning change to put in a 400 unit apartment complex, called Bison Village.

Even after last month’s meeting and a few changes to the plan, neighbors are still worried.

The developer’s changes include adding 16 twin homes along 32nd.

Neighbors were worried over aesthetic appeal so they also plan to add a 15 foot planting area.

The main entrance will also be moved to reduce 10th street traffic.

But it seems like neighbors aren’t having it.

The population would be 400 units, which could mean up to 800 people.

Many neighbors say that’s equivalent to a small town.

“The traffic up and down tenth street which 10th street is on the other side of McKinley and there are a lot of kids that cross that street every day so the safety of our kids keeping the neighborhood feel,” said neighborhood parent Thomas Lawrence.

“Well, I guess we probably disagree about the impact on the neighborhood so I don’t think with the changes we made that were deteriorating the neighborhood,” said Larry Nygard, Vice President of Roers Development.

The Bison Village project would mainly be for college students but developers say the twin homes could attract younger families.

The development would mean rezoning and that’s something neighbors just don’t want.

Many neighbors expressed at the meeting they expected the land to be developed, but not rezoned.

They were hoping to have more family homes…not 400 unit apartment buildings.

Some of the complexes could even be five story buildings.

However, there were a few people in attendance that did thank the developers for making a few changes from last meeting.

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