“Working Together to be Our Best”: Grand Forks State of the City

Grand Forks Mayor Michael Brown talks about the state of his city.

Browns theme for this speech was “Working Together to Be our Best.”

The Alerus Center was filled with city officials, law enforcement, and other pillars in the Grand Forks community all to hear what’s next for the city.

Mayor Michael Brown says the city of Grand Forks is a position to only keep getting better.

He says the city’s basic services such as safety, health, and its commitment to young people is all in solid shape.

He says as the city continues to grow, there will still be some challenges.
“Affordability, and were making headway on that with decreased property taxes. We look at quality of roads we need to work on that, because there so expensive, but so important to quality of life,” said Mayor Brown.
Dana Sandy, President of the Grand Forks City Council, says out of all the topics he was most excited to hear how Grand Sky will fuel the city’s economy.
“Grand Sky the UAS will mean a lot of great things for the Grand Forks county, and the city of Grand Forks should drive a lot more business into town,” said Sandy.

During the speech Mayor Brown also took the time to honor Grand Forks Air Force Veteran F. John Marshall, with the first ever Grand Forks Lifetime Recognition Award.
Despite the challenges and changes ahead Mayor Brown says it’s a great time to live in Grand Forks.
“The stamp is a validation of where we are, and were I hope we go because we do face challenges as a community, but by facing those challenges we can address them and mitigate them, and succeed as a community,” said Mayor Brown.
 And Grand Forks Fire Chief Peter O’Neil agrees.
“The basic services are covered so it allowed us the community to be more vibrant and care about the social aspect sometimes,” said O’Neil.
Mayor Brown says the city has set goals to be the best college town, the best town for walking and have the best downtown in the region.

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