Officers Connect With The Community Over a Cup of Cocoa

“Cocoa with a cop,” giving officers a chance to connect with the community.

This is the first community outreach law enforcement has done since the tragic death of Officer Jason Moszer.

This event comes at a time when many are still healing.
Hundreds came pouring in to show their support.

Donuts, cocoa and hanging out with officers is not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning.
“We have a great relationship with our community but with every great relationship that takes work. This is part of that work, is reaching out to the community and be a part of that community,” says Fargo Police Chief David Todd.
Tensions against law enforcement officers have been brewing all over the country.

But the only thing brewing here is hot cocoa.
“In recent event with the tragedy of Officer Moszer and also nationwide all the tensions that are happening. We really pushed this hard for people to see that our police department is a great asset to the community as well as CHARISM,”says CHARISM Executive Director John Fisher.
The community is coming together after a dark time.

But with a cup of cheer and sweets, everyone is all smiles.
“Still we see a lot of police officers here with a cheerful face. So we are very happy. We salute them,” says Narayan Rizal of Fargo.
Over 200 people, 15 officers, all trying to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community.
“We think it’s important for our kids to know that the cops are here for them. To help and protect. We wanted to show our support for the police officers and thank them for all they do for our community,” says Rachel Gladue of Moorhead.
Fargo Police Chief David Todd says the department will continue to do community outreach in the future and in different neighborhoods.

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