Warm Weather, Warm Spirits

The Red River Valley got to a high of 55 degrees.

The average high for today is 28.

Hanging outside, it was clear people across the metro were enjoying their extra dose of vitamin D.
In the midst of winter, the only thing you’ll see on this walking path is ice, snow and slush.

Except today.
“We tend to go nuts up here when it really gets nice because we’re so tired of winter,” says David Conny of Fargo.
Just two degrees from the record high, parks were filled, even though technically they were closed for the season.
“We decided to trek it through the field a little wet but at least it got us here quicker,” says Macey Brandt of Fargo.
And while North Dakota Nice lasts all year long the sun seems to make everyone shine just a little bit brighter.
“If it doesn’t just cheer you up to see the sun and feel the warmth I don’t know what does,” says Brandt.
“Everybody is super happy today,” says Ally Schwark of West Fargo.
Any other day you would probably catch Ally and her friend Erica snuggled away.
“I’m probably sleeping or studying,” says Erica Rene of Fargo.
But like the rest of the metro Erica took a break from her winter hibernation, looks like she might stay for a while.
“Just talking about how we wanted snow cones,” says Rene.
And while a few extra clean washed cars will be roaming the streets, some longtime residents say not so fast.
“The thing is its wishful thinking because it may well snow again tonight and the streets will be a mess,” says Conny.

It turns out he might be right.

Come Monday we could be seeing temps dip below 20 degrees.

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