Moorhead Family Welcomes First Leap Year Baby in the Metro

A Moorhead family is hoppin’ for joy with their new leap year baby.

Tanner and Kayla Sakrismo grows their family on a day that comes around once every four years.

The Sakrismos were the first couple to have a leap year baby this year at Sanford Hospital in Fargo.

The family told me that having a baby born on leap day wasn’t exactly what they had in the cards.

“Cause I didn’t want a leap year baby, I was like, ‘Oh maybe it’ll be born fast enough where it can be born on the 28th and not the 29th.’ It didn’t happen, so I was a little bit disappointed. But it’s okay we’ll celebrate it every year,” says Kayla.

Lisbeth Sakrismo took her first breath at 2:23 a.m, February 29th.

A healthy baby girl, weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces.

Her due date was set for her older brother Andres’ birthday February 25th.

“We had a lot of people betting on it. Some people were hoping that it wouldn’t be. My wife didn’t want it to be a leap year but I kind of wanted to secretly,” says Tanner.

For Tanner, he wanted his special girl to be born on a very special day.

“It’s just so unique and it lets you kind of stand out and be different I guess,” says Tanner.

According to astrologers, babies born on this day are said to have unusual special talents and are naturally lucky.

But Lisbeth could be joined with some more lucky “leapers.”

“Around 7 to 8 babies today, so far. That can change in the next hour or two. It’s just like any other day but it’s just kind of special and in its own day every four year,” says Sanford HospitalĀ  RN Amanda Fehrenbach.

That’s right; leapers will have to wait another 1,461 days before they can blow out the candles on their actual birthday.

Something that Kayla is starting to accept.

“I wanted to be able celebrate her birthday every year. But I think we’ll be able to work it out,” says Kayla.

Parents Tanner and Kayla say they want their daughter to achieve anything she wants in life.

But they have a hunch that she’ll be a gymnast or a soccer player.

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