Moorhead’s Holiday: It May Not Feel Like Spring, But it Sure Tastes Like it!

Temperatures struggled to reach above freezing, but that didn’t stop plenty of people from enjoying their first taste of Spring.

For many people in the FM area March 1st is a tradition that goes way back.

No matter what the weather may bring, people brace the cold for their favorite frozen treats.

And while it may not feel like Spring a little taste is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.
March 1st is a special day for Hunter Thorsen.
“My grandma came here to get a chocolate malt for 65 years give or take so since she can’t do it we try to keep it going for her,” says Hunter Thorsen of Moorhead.
Thorsen’s grandparents owned the shop for 47 years until passing it on to the current owners.
“Not many businesses can say they’ve only had two owners especially one like this,” says Moorhead Dairy Queen Owner, Troy Deleon.
Since 9 o’clock this morning, an endless line has been forming at the corner of 8th and Main Avenue.

A line that Deleon loves to see.
“After the winter this is kind of like a rite of passage in a sense,” says Deleon.
“Owners say they’re expecting quite a few customers to stop by today they say it could even get close to 1500 people.”
“It’s pretty much one of the best holidays of the year it’s a tradition,” says Julia Blevins of Fargo.
“Hopefully it turns the weather warmer that’s a big part of it,” says Deleon.
But whatever the temperature you can bet you’ll find Julia ordering her favorite, the curly shake.

“This is a nice year in comparison to most years,” says Blevins. 

“To us this is Moorhead, this is a big part of the city,” says Deleon.
And as Thorsen goes for his first bite of the season, the first taste of Spring never disappoints.

If you’ve never heard of a curly shake before, that’s probably because you can’t find them anywhere else.

The Moorhead Dairy Queen is the only place to sell curly shakes. The famous Dilly Bar also comes from this Dairy Queen.

Don’t worry there’s plenty of time to enjoy all of these tasty treats. The shop will stay open through October 31st.

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