Planning Commission Approves Zoning Changes for Student Apartments

Fargo’s Planning commission approves a zoning change to bring an apartment complex to North Fargo, against the wishes of many in the area.
The commission voted 7 to 2 to change zoning on a property at 32nd Avenue North and University Drive to high density housing.

The proposal now moves onto the Fargo City Commission.

Roers Development is hoping to build Bison Village, a four hundred unit student apartment complex.

Local residents have been vocal in opposing the plan, claiming the extra students will bring too much traffic.

Fargo Planning Director Jim Gilmour says, “I think over the years they’ve seen a lot o f projects get proposed and  the neighbors come in and say this would be a terrible change to the  neighborhood, and it gets approved and  built, and it turns out just  fine people realize after the fact. “

The planning commission did make one last minute change, leaving a strip of land directly bordering 32nd Avenue North zoned for single unit housing.

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