Fargo Police vs. Fargo South: Two Teams…a Community of One

Students and faculty at Fargo South are still grasping with the death of Officer Jason Moszer.

Officer Moszer graduated from Fargo South.

Students are proving that his legacy will live on.

Students, faculty and Fargo police officers proved you’re never too old for a game of dodgeball, especially when there’s a greater cause.

With the tragic death of Officer Moszer, people across the metro continue to prove the resiliency of the Fargo community.
Dodgeball: a test of strength, agility and fast feet.

And these Fargo police officers aren’t backing down. Well, maybe…
“I’ll be the first to admit I am a little nervous. Them being much more agile and younger it will be interesting to see how we fare,”says Lt. Joel Vettel of Fargo PD.
A gym filled with competing teams, but feelings that are all the same.

“Kids took it hard, faculty took it hard, and there are a number of people who remember having Officer Moszer in class,” says Student Council Advisor, Vic Youngs.

It’s been tough for the kids of Fargo South so they couldn’t just sit back.

They had to do something.
“Jason being a student here and graduating from Fargo south that’s not lost in these students,” says Vettel.
And as dodge balls fly through the air, two blue dodge balls are being used for a different purpose.

Along with the money raised, both the Moszer family and Schumacher family will receive two blue dodge balls signed by all participants.
“Just to honor the family and do anything we can as well to help the Schumacher family it’s a tough time for both families,” says Student Council President, David Youngs.

And during these tough times, a community is stepping up.

“We had a tragedy and we want to make sure these kids understand that we are a community. We’re a community of one and we’ll continue to strive and be strong and how do we do that, we do that together,” says Vettel.

The event raised a little over $300 for both the Schumacher and Moszer families.

While Fargo Police put up a tough fight, a team of Fargo South seniors took the win.

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