Three Arrested After Burglary in Fargo

Three people are in custody after an early morning burglary in Fargo.

Officers were called to an apartment at 817 1st Street North just after two this morning.

They found suspects Jenna Pierce of Moorhead and Allen Jamgochian of Fargo walking down the sidewalk carrying televisions.

A third suspect, Michael Menge of Fargo, was found sitting in a car.

Officers are unclear of a motive, but say the suspects knew the person living in the apartment was out of town.

Police say Pierce and Jamgochian entered the apartment through a bedroom window.

“There can be any number of reasons why. We have seen an increase in drug use in the Fargo Moorhead area so certainly that can play into the reason why the burglaries are going up for people to support their drug habits,” says Fargo PD Deputy Chief, Joe Anderson.

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