Another Reason You Shouldn’t Drive Under the Influence

Yes folks…that’s a tree.

Police in Roselle, Illinois released squad car dash cam video of a tree 15 feet tall stuck in the grill of a woman’s car as she drove down the street.

The video shows a trooper spotting the car as it drives towards the squad.

Turning around, the police attempt to stop the vehicle by sounding their siren.

When they approach the vehicle, they say 54-year-old Maryann Christy of Schaumburg, Illinois explained she had actually hit the tree near her hometown and drove around five miles to Roselle.

They arrested Christy for driving under the influence.

The police department then posted pictures of the traffic stop to their Facebook.

After a number of people questioned whether the pictures were real, the department posted the dash cam video, which quickly went viral.

Roselle Police say they only want it to taken as another reason why you shouldn’t drive under the influence.

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