Celebrating Women in Construction Week

Female construction workers are often under represented.

But this week, that’s changing.

Women in construction week is kicking off across the nation and many are celebrating right here in the metro.

Close to 30 women make up the Sanford construction site staff.

From drywallers, to tapers, to construction engineers, these women do it all.

Women in construction usually make up nine percent of the workforce in the country but in North Dakota, that number is cut in half.

“We want to make sure that were recognizing those that are in the trades and provide some more exposure to them and more ability to get out in the community and talk about what they do because they’re pretty excited about it,” says Mortenson Construction Executive, Joanna Slominski.

Pay for many of these jobs can start anywhere from $18 to $30 an hour.

Mortenson Construction will hold a luncheon tomorrow for students and to honor their female workers.

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