Breckenridge Deals with Uptick of Drug Related Thefts and Burglaries

Law enforcement in Breckenridge are dealing with an uptick in drug-related thefts and burglaries.

Police say it’s not uncommon for an increase in drugs to also result in a more burglaries and thefts.

Law enforcement is encouraging people to always keep their car and house doors locked, as well as keep valuables secured at all times.

They say fighting the issue will take effort from the community.

“What we really need is citizens watching their property, their neighborhood looking out for one another, and just being armed with the information of what is going on. ¬†That’s where we want to be better about being transparent about what these crimes stats are, what’s going on in their neighborhood, so people can be vigilant,” said Chief Nate Harder of Breckenridge Police.
Chief Harder says community members can stay informed by visiting the website and typing in “Breckenridge”.

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