Police: Deadly Drugs on Fargo Streets

Four people are in custody after an early morning drug bust in south Fargo.

This batch could be the deadliest the metro has ever seen.

Just within the past week, three people have died from drug overdoses.

These deaths may be linked to what police are calling an extremely dangerous batch of heroin laced with fentanyl, making it 40 to 50 times more potent.

And these drugs could still be out there.
Officers from multiple law enforcement agencies filled Fargo Police Station, hoping to get one message across to the public.
“Drug use is serious enough but when you start losing lives over that it’s a public health concern and that’s why Chief Todd called me yesterday and said we need to make the public aware of this as quickly as possible,” says Moorhead Police Chief, David Ebinger.
And police say this early morning’s drug bust could be the link.

Police arrested 25-year-old Marcel Washington, 24 year-old Jerrell Washington and 24-year-old Reginald Washington while they were in a vehicle outside the Residence Inn in South Fargo.

Heather Rouzier, 30, was arrested inside the hotel.
It’s believed two of the suspects arrested here are from the Minneapolis, St. Paul region and police believe that’s where many of the drugs are coming from that are landing in our community.
The bust comes after a rash of overdoses hit the metro…overdoses that may be linked to a tainted batch of heroin.
“Family or friends with addiction issues hopefully intervene and address their family or friends,” says Fargo Police Chief, David Todd.
The drug can be absorbed through the skin.

Police say if you see what you suspect is heroin, don’t touch it and call police immediately.
West Fargo Police Chief Mike Reitan says one local emergency room reported 143 overdoses of unknown substances, 29 over the counter drugs, 14 anti-depressants and 11 heroin overdoses.

And that’s just since October.
“What we are able to report on is just a small portion of what’s occurring in our community,” says West Fargo Police Chief, Mike Reitan.
As for the suppliers, Chief Todd says that’s what law enforcement can focus on and they’re not backing down.
“As far as suppliers, we’re going to aggressively go after them and prosecute them,” says Chief Todd.

If you don’t know what heroin looks like, it comes in powder form and can be injected, ingested, snorted or smoked.

If you do happen to see heroin or have any information about distribution, call the Fargo police tip line at (701)- 241-5777.

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