Ugly Food of the North Brings Agriculture into the City

The people who brought us “junksgiving,” are starting a new conversation.
Ugly Food of the North is an organization working to build a more sustainable food system in the F-M area.

Four local farmers were invited to the Rourke to speak about their agriculture experiences.

Farmers also shared how their crops are grown and produced.

This gives them an opportunity to speak about challenges they face farming in the valley.

“I think that there is some misinformation out there about farming operations. We kind of have a polarize conversation. Some people feeling that there’s only certain ways that food can be grown and we idolize some ways of farming and villainize others,” says Ugly Food of the North co-founder Megan Myrdal.
Issues facing agriculture such as what’s the “proper” way to farm, is what sparked this conversation.

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